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Orthotic Re-Order
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Our podiatrists are highly skilled in all types of prescription orthotic devices and we design and manufacture orthotics based on specific patient requirements. Many podiatrists prescribe a single type or version of an orthotic appliance – this is an outdated practice. The podiatric team at Queensland Foot Centres are able to dispense orthotics in numerous materials – both soft and rigid orthotics are available.

We utilise varying techniques in the orthotic process ranging from the world’s best 3D scanning equipment to traditional plaster casting for complex and post-surgical feet. Queensland Foot Centres is also now offering 3D printed orthotics for those patients wishing to have the latest technological trend. 

Our sports orthotics are currently used by many of Australia’s elite athletes providing good feedback on their effectiveness and durability. This orthotic is suitable for both the elite athlete and the weekend warrior.

Cycling specific orthotics are available on request with lightweight carbon fibre shells the material of choice for these weight-conscious athletes.

Soft dual density orthotics are also available, specifically designed for use in the elderly population.

Due to the specific nature of the orthotic prescription costs do vary. Your podiatrist at Queensland Foot Centres will quote costs at the time of consultation. Most private health funds will offer a rebate on orthotics when Podiatry cover has been selected as part of your cover.

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