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Biomechanics and Sports Medicine

Poor foot posture and function is the major cause to a variety of foot and lower limb complaints. Our podiatrists determine an individual’s needs by careful assessment of the anatomy and function of their feet and lower limbs. This ensures an accurate diagnosis of the complaint and results in a more effective treatment program.

People involved in sport and physical activity are more prone to injuries arising from poor foot and lower limb function. This is due to greater loads placed on joints, muscles and bones during physical activity. Our podiatrists have extensive experience treating patients from a range of sporting activities, at both recreational and professional levels.

All our clinicians working for Queensland Foot Centres possess a sporting background. Personal experience in these areas allows a structured yet individualised approach to treatment is formed in consultation with our patients to produce a sport specific treatment program. Furthermore, our clinicians can apply an empathetic approach to the rehabilitation of our athletes based on past experience.

Treatment is aimed at achieving optimal biomechanics for a particular individual’s capacity and activity level. Our podiatrists may recommend specific footwear models based on an individual’s foot type and activity. Specific exercises and changes to training regimes may be advised and if required, the prescription of customised foot orthoses.

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